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Vanguard The Cure

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NameThe Cure
Coins Rewarded1s
Starts at NPCLalen Frae
Related MobsKaon Queen Widow Hatchling
Starts In ZoneVeskal's Exchange
Related ZonesJade Depths
Objectives * Pour Lalen's Revised Potion on the Widow Queen
Description"What could have caused those eggs to hatch so quickly..."

Lalen ponders for a moment.

"Ah, I've got it! I am such a fool! I accidentally added an irrelevant ingredient to the potion. Allow me to make another batch without it and then we can begin with our plan."

Lalen fiddles with a potion jar and some ingredients.

"Here we are! Now take this potion and pour it on the Widow Queen located at the back of the spider caves."

"This will be a glorious moment for us all!"
Items Needed


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